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Fix for the CoS Display -- On its way!

Howdy All,

Sometime this past week WGU introduced changes to the student portal for some users.  Not everyone will have seen these, but for those who did, it had the nasty side effect of breaking the Course of Study (CoS) display in PocketWGU.  Sorry about that!  Anyhoo, we've released a new version of PocketWGU for all platforms to fix this, and these should be available sometime today.  If you're having this problem, be sure to update:

  • For Android and FireOS:  version 2.0.24 was released on April 21, 2015
  • For iOS (iPhone/iPad):  version 1.8.8 was released on April 25, 2015
  • For Windows Phone:  version was released on April 25, 2015


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