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PocketWGU is the unofficial mobile application for use by students of Western Governors University. Created for, and by, the students of WGU, this app provides access to the online communities, learning resources, and student program information of WGU. PocketWGU is available for iOS (Phone & iPad), Android devices (phones, tablets & Kindle Fire), and on Windows Phone. PocketWGU is free and does not contain ads.

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65,010 PocketWGU users according to...

PocketWGU v2.3.2 for iOS Available now

Fixes bug where WGU videos played audio-only (no picture).

PocketWGU 2.3.7 for Android

Available now on the Google Play and Amazon App Stores.  This release fixes a bug where playing/downloading videos would only provide audio, with no picture.  Enjoy!

PocketWGU v2.3.0 for iOS Available Now

Important note:  We strongly recommend that you uninstall the old version before installing the new release from the app store.  It should save you some headaches.


PSA: PocketWGU on iOS 2.1.0

Some PocketWGU users on iOS have been experiencing crashes (starting around 4/27) retrieving their degree plans. I've submitted an updated version for iOS to Apple (yesterday) for its review, so hopefully this will be fixed as soon as they release it. You may need to uninstall version 2.1.0 before installing the new version 2.3.0. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm this many...

Today marks the fifth year since PocketWGU was released to the WGU Community in its first (very beta) form.  Over fifty three thousand users later, and still going strong.  Thanks All!

PocketWGU for Android v2.3.0

It's all about the speed... and the features and bug fixes, but mostly about the speed. Improvements throughout, especially in the CoS and associated tools which should all load faster now, and are cached for access when you don't have an Internet connection. Should be available on Google Play and Amazon stores within a few hours. Enjoy!

PocketWGU for iOS version 2.1.0 - Now Available

Bunch of new features, major optimizations for speed and offline access.  Enjoy!

PocketWGU for Android v2.2.0

Available now on the Google Play and Amazon app stores. Version 2.2 includes a complete rewrite of the Degree Plan and CoS (aka Studyplan) systems for speed and for offline viewing.
Once the CoS for a course has been loaded (also faster), navigating through pages should be nearly instant, and the entire CoS may be viewed and navigated without an Internet connection. Also, tried to pretty-up how the CoS is displayed, and improve the retrieval/display of course Assessment Details. Enjoy!

PocketWGU for Android 2.1.2

PocketWGU 2.1.2 for Android* was released to Google Play and Amazon app stores today, and should be available now.  There are a few tweaks and fixes, but the bigger item is progress tracking within the CoS.  A few folks have asked for this over the past year+, so we gave it a shot.  Hope you like it!

2015 Online University Rankings... for Mobile Students

In a recent post to this site, we made the claim that PocketWGU was "...one of the most highly rated mobile apps for any major, online university."  Sure, that was a little "chest pounding" on our part, but as it happens, it's also true.  Taking a gander at the public app store listings for the other online universities we could think of (let us know if we missed one) shows that WGU fairs pretty darn well.  

We can't claim to be unbiased here, but the data are all public so anyone is free to check for themselves.  Without (much) further ado, here are the 2015 Online University Rankings based on how students rate their mobile apps.


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