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PocketWGU and Android Marshmallow (6.0)

Marshmallow goodness...  Starting with Android 6.0, there's a new system for requesting permissions from users at runtime.  This is good for users (which we are) but a pain for developers (which we also are).  Anyhoo, with PocketWGU 2.0.32, we've tried to update the app to respect the new permissions system.  If there are any WGU students already using Android 6 (or "M" preview) out there, please give it a try and let us know if it works for you.  The app should function without change on any previous version of Android.

More detail:  PocketWGU only requests two permissions:  access to the network (INTERNET), and access to external storage (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE).  Under Android 6.0, all apps receive network access without asking.  Accessing external storage; however, does require permission.  So, if you run the app on Android 6, you will be prompted to provide this permission when going to "My Saved Files", choosing to download a video, or when attempting to download any file (e.g. PDF) from the CoS.  If you deny the permission, PocketWGU will prompt again if you attempt to use one of those features again.  Once you grant the permission in any of those places, you won't be prompted again.

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