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PocketWGU for Android 2.1.0 -- Now Available

The new release, available now in the Google Play and Amazon app stores, brings a few new features including support for a new CoS and Assessment details format.  The bulk of changes; however, are fixes for bugs and tweaks to certain things that weren't "quite right".  

Chief among these, tapping links to learning resources (LRs) in the CoS will now open those resources in a separate window.  This makes going back to the CoS both easier to do, and easier to understand.  This also allows more consistent format support for LRs that scale/zoom differently (or not at all).  We've revamped the process by which pages in a CoS are refreshed.  We still cache these pages, but now invalidate and refresh the cache more often and consistently.  

Substantial improvements have also been made to how the app handles links to external files with better support for downloading and displaying these files.  Links to lists of videos, and video folders should now perform properly, as should links to key external apps including Adobe Connect, Prezi, and

Hope y'all like it, get it while its fresh!

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