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PocketWGU for Android 2.1.2

PocketWGU 2.1.2 for Android* was released to Google Play and Amazon app stores today, and should be available now.  There are a few tweaks and fixes, but the bigger item is progress tracking within the CoS.  A few folks have asked for this over the past year+, so we gave it a shot.  Hope you like it!

*No, we're not going to talk about 2.1.1...  Ok, so there was a problem with our Proguard config in the release version.  It was stripping out the class name used to support the CoS progress button clicks, so tapping the button did nothing.  <sigh>  Anyhoo, a quick fix to the Proguard config file, rebuild, re-submit, and everything's happy again.  So, now we aren't going to talk about 2.1.1 again.  :-)

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