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A New PocketWGU for Android -- Now Available!

A brand new PocketWGU for Android is out and available now, get it while it's hot!  Much of the application was re-written to improve the interface and overall user experience.  The result is 4,200+ lines of Java hand-crafted with love.  :-)  Look for it in the Android Market now and in the Amazon market a few days later.

4,200+ is a significant number because this also matches the number of people that have already downloaded PocketWGU and given it a try on their iOS and Android devices.  In less than a year, PocketWGU is now in use by almost 15% of the WGU student body and growing every week.  That's over 1,700 users on iOS with the rest on Android versions 2.1 (4%), 2.2 (20%), 2.3 (56%), 3.x(4.8%), and even 4.x(2.2%).  There are WGU students running this on iPhones, iPads, Android tablets (including the Kindle Fire, Transformer, and Picasso) and pretty much every model of Android phone that has been released in the past 2.5 years.  Pretty cool!

The DevTeam wants to say thanks to everyone that has given it a try, and a special thanks to all the folk that helped test this release and make it possible.  Thanks!

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