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Any WGU students using the BlackBerry PlayBook?

We received an interesting request from a new WGU student over the weekend.  It was for a version of the PocketWGU app that could run on the BlackBerry PlayBook.  What's interesting is that the PlayBook can run specially modified/signed Android applications.  The DevTeam has created just such a version, and tested it in the PlayBook simulator with sucess.  It does seem to work, but it would be great if more folks could test it.

We're aware of only 2 ways to install apps on the PlayBook:  through BlackBerry AppWorld and via a process called "sideloading".  While AppWorld is the better way, publishing there takes a while and I'd rather not do that until more folks have tested the application and can tell me if it works well.  If enough people can confirm that PocketWGU works on the PlayBook, I'll look into publishing on AppWorld.  So, are there any WGU students that use the PlayBook and are comfortable with sideloading the app?  If you fall into that category, please shoot us an email and we'll send you the app.  Thanks!

Re: Any WGU students using the BlackBerry PlayBook?

A big THANK YOU to the Dev Team for converting PocketWGU to a Blackberry Friendly format for me!  It is working flawlessly so far.
For those who are interested in learning how to sideload Android Apps onto their playbook, a great tutorial can be found on the Crackberry Website ( 

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