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PocketWGU for Android 1.0.4

Another week, another new release.  After shifting to the new UI, we wanted to clean up a bunch of "miscellaneous" cruft that's been in the app since the earliest betas (almost 2 years ago!).  The latest release has new parsing code for everything, and a new approach to networking (more below).

We also tried to make a better display of Campus Announcements,  Contacts & Help, and to substantially improve the display of Assessment Details.  For each of these pages (and the new CoS) you should be able to "pinch to zoom" and have the text re-flow with the larger font size.  All links within the content should work fine, and email links should prompt you for your choice of native email app from among those installed on your device.

We've also gotten around to fixing a long-standing bug  that used to crash the app if you tried to get the "Full Thread" view for a really huge thread.  We've tested it on threads with over 1,300 messages now, and though it takes a while to load that much data, it doesn't crash.

Finally, in 1.0.4 we've changed how requests for network data are processed.      It used to be that different portions of the app each handled their own requests for data which meant some duplication of networking code with the poller service (only used if you turn on AutoSync and/or use the Widget).  We've now consolidated most of the networking code into one service bus, and while you shouldn't notice the difference, it makes the code much easier to maintain and extend.  That should mean some new features in the coming months.


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