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The New Student Portal & PocketWGU

Update 5/16:  Check out the new (v. 1.5) PocketWGU for iPhone/iPad with support for the new student portal.

Update 5/11:  The current version for iPhone/iPad does NOT support the new portal.  A new version that does has been submitted to Apple for review.

Update 4/10: Version 1.1.2 provides support for most "New Portal" actions, improved networking performance.

Update 3/5: Version 1.0.13 fixes some crashes when accessing the new portal.

Some of you have been using a new version of the Student Portal, it's been in beta since last summer.  Until today, PocketWGU couldn't support the new portal at all.  Starting with version 1.0.12 (Android), we've tried to add some support.  This version is experimental, not everything will work, but with your help we'll squash the bugs in no time.  If you are a student that is using the new portal, please give this version a try and send us an email telling us what works and what doesn't.  Here's what our internal testing has shown:

  1. Community features all work, same as previous versions
  2. Direct and Social features all work, same as previous versions
  3. Program information: the name of your degree, current term, and mentor data should all be correct.
  4. Course information:
    1. Course list should sync properly (although it will take a minute)
    2. You should receive a complete list of courses, and links to the CoS should work from each.
    3. Status of each course may be WRONG.  Please let us know about this via email!
  5. Percent complete for Term and Degree should be correct (as of 1.1.2).  Please let us know if it isn't!

We need folks to work with us to iron out the kinks and get everything working with the new portal.  We really appreciate email reports of problems, and try to respond promptly.  Please remember that we cannot respond to reports on Google Play or Apple iTunes, it just isn't possible.  Thanks!

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