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PocketWGU for iOS 1.5.2

This evening saw a new release of the app for iPhone/iPad (and iPod Touch for that matter).  Version 1.5.2 contains a long list of bug fixes and optimizations thanks (seriously, BIG THANKS!) to users who sent us an email letting us know what was going on.  We do our best to test out every release, but there are limits on what we can test and nearly everyone's degree plan and progress are unique.  Remember, PocketWGU is a student/alumni created app and we have ZERO access to anyone's accounts but our own.  A special thanks to "CoyKrill" for spotting and reporting a bug with the communities that nobody else had told us about, and to "JohnKFisher" for the enlightening post about oddness in the new system's CU calculations.  We're still working on that one.

We really appreciate getting bug reports via email as there's no way for us to respond to messages posted in an iTunes review.  With that said, we appreciate the reviews too, even the bad ones (though, to be honest, we appreciate the bad ones less :-).  A special thanks to "CWallfromNC" for letting us know months ago that refreshing data was too hidden (made sure to fix that in the new version!), to "Pam1119" for noting that degree progress wasn't keeping up anymore (fixed in 1.5.1), and to "bmacva" for being the only one to notice (or at least mention) that nearly every course was, incorrectly, showing up as "Objective".  We really did a face-palm over that last one, but it should be fixed in this latest version.  

Thanks to everyone that helps us make the app better, every bug report is ALWAYS welcome!

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