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Bug Reports: Always a good thing!

The latest versions of PocketWGU for both iOS (1.6.1) and Android (1.8.2) both have a new feature.  If the app crashes (sorry!), the next time you run it you will be prompted to send in a crash report.  Please choose to send these in as this is an excellent way to help make PocketWGU better.  First of all, crash reports are anonymous; they don't send us any information about you or your progress at WGU.  What they do tell us is what kind of device is having the problem, what version of OS it is running, and where in the PocketWGU code the problem happened.  This makes it much easier for us to know what we need to fix, and makes creating the fix much faster.  And the faster we fix bugs, the better things are for everyone!  So, by tapping the "Send" button, you help make PocketWGU better for everyone, and without spending a cent!  A big thanks to everyone who has already sent these in, here's what one of them looks like to us:

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