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Keep 'em coming!

For months now, the app has seen growth in new users at nearly the same pace as +Western Governors University enrollment has grown.  WGU continues to rock the world of higher ed (Congrats!) and new students continue to give PocketWGU a try.  Across platforms, the total number of distinct users (as reported by Google, Apple, and Amazon) is over 31% of WGU's reported enrollment for November.  Almost a third; pretty cool.

PocketWGU has seen continued growth on all platforms, with iOS showing the highest rate of growth.  Adoption is slowest on the Amazon store, but this is probably because the store is rarely used by anyone but Kindle Fire owners, and while these are great devices, they represent a pretty small percentage of total Android devices available.  Android represents 53%, and iOS 47%, of total users who have tried the app.

We're pleased that overall ratings of the app remain high, just over 4.7 stars out of five across all markets, with 81.5% of all ratings at the 5-star level.  Only about 1.3% of users provide a rating and/or review (0.6% of iOS users).  Perhaps everyone else doesn't like the app and is just sparing our feelings...  If so, thanks!  :-)

Seriously though, we do want to hear about any problems.  Remember that we can't reply to reviews on the Apple and Google markets, so please shoot us an email (or post on G+, or on our website) if you hit a snag.

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