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v1.5 Constant Community Crashes on iPhone and iPad

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v1.5 Constant Community Crashes on iPhone and iPad

Web Development Technologies Community constistently crashes PocketWGU 1.5. My guess is that it's trying to interpret the code that is often embedded in the pages instead of just displaying that code (html and javascript snippets). If I load all communities it also crashes. All my other communities load fine so far.

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Re: v1.5 Constant Community Crashes on iPhone and iPad

Hi CoyKrill,

Thanks for letting us know about this.  We don't have access to that specific community, and never would have known about this problem.  It sounds like this problem is happening when you refresh the list of messages/threads for this community, correct?  If so, there could be two different causes.  

To get the list of messages, we pull the community's RSS feed.  This feed should be valid XML, but if some content embedded in a message is not properly escaped (by the Community software, not PocketWGU) then the XML would no longer be valid.  Once we get the XML, we parse it for sorting and display, and extract a snippet of each message's text to show in the preview.  PocketWGU shouldn't crash regardless (that's on us), but the cause is probably either ill-formed XML or a bug in how we extract the snippet of text.

Either way, we really need to see a sample message or feed that causes the problem.  From a normal desktop browser, can you retrieve and save the XML feed for this one community and email it to us?  If so, I'm sure we could get this fixed in no time.


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