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PocketWGU for Android (Phones and Tablets)

PocketWGU for Android has grown over time to include many differnt features and capabilities for students of WGU. Here are a number of screenshots from an older version of the application:


Re: PocketWGU for Android (Phones and Tablets)

Can't. Login

PocketWGU DevTeam
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Re: PocketWGU for Android (Phones and Tablets)

Hi GlennR2015,

The most common cause of not being able to login is the case-sensitivity of passwords.  The capitalization in your password must match what you use for the full student portal exactly.  On mobile devices, the keyboard often makes this rather difficult to get right, and sometimes you migh get a space or tab in the password box before or after your password.

Usernames are not case-sensitive, and you should not enter the "" part.  Passwords are case-sensitive and should be entered without any spaces before or afterwards.

Hope this helps, if not please send us an email so we can figure out how to get you going.


PocketWGU DevTeam PocketWGU is a volunteer project open to students, faculty, staff and alumni of WGU.

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